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"Prajna Mi-Himalaya Art Exhibition" will be held on November 20, 2016 at 3 PM in "West Lake", Huanglong Hotel, Hangzhou. Landscape. Culture - Art Gallery "small exhibition hall opened, this is hanyang Art Center held the fiftieth exhibition.

Since modern times, the remote and mysterious Himalayan region has attracted the attention of numerous explorers, and Tibetan Buddhist art has been favored by many artists, collectors and researchers. In this sacred land, produced exquisite Buddha, murals, Thangka, clay sculptures, artifacts and countless other fine arts. This exhibition mainly displays 17 Pieces of Tibetan Buddhist statues and Thangka works collected by Wang Qian, a teacher of China Academy of Art, including 9 Pieces of Buddhist statues and 8 pieces of Thangka works. The collection features diverse, vivid shapes and excellent taste.

The extension will last until December 3rd.


Since modern times, the remote and mysterious Himalayan region has attracted the attention of countless explorers. The Tibetan Buddhist art conceived in this region is more favored by collectors and researchers. From Tibet to Ladakh to Kashmir to Nepal, we can find a unique treasure house of Buddhist art in the world. This is the Treasure house of Himalayan art.

On this land, which is covered with snowy mountains, grasslands, lakes and plateaus, exquisite buddhist statues, frescoes, Thangkas, clay sculptures, and dharma implements have been produced.

Himalayan art has been in the international auction market for many years, today, this kind of art is also gradually into the mainland collectors and people's vision. This exhibition at The Hanyang Art Center in Hangzhou is just a chance for you to experience the mystery and solemnity of ancient Himalayan art.

Wang Qian

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