"West Lake Prints -- Yu Guangming's Photographic Works exhibition" is on display in the small exhibition hall of "West Lake · Landscape · Culture -- Art Gallery" in Huanglong Hotel, Hangzhou. A dialogue salon will be held in the small exhibition hall on December 10.

Huanglong Hotel hangzhou "West Lake · Landscape · Culture -- Art Gallery" small exhibition hall

Beishan Street, known as the "Museum built in the Republic of China", is like a long historical picture, quietly displayed on the West Lake, silently telling the vicissitudes and changes of the West Lake. Jingyi villa is the kuomintang patriarch Zhang Jingjiang's villa on Beishan Street, West Lake, Hangzhou. History of Hangzhou...

Deqing · Moganshan Landlocked Print Library ticket

Discuss the characteristics of the artist's paintings, basic appreciation of print knowledge. And let the guests try to make prints...

Zhang Minjie Studio (Jiangtao Pavilion, Dongxin Avenue, Binjiang)

We will provide relevant drawing tools and materials such as brushes, paints, clothes and sketchboards to appeal to "everyone is a cartoonist". We hope you can exert your imagination and create with your children.

West Lobby of Huanglong Hotel, Hangzhou

"Appreciation of Traditional Chinese painting and cultural quality introduce the long history, rich forms, profound connotation, development status, international status and people's cultural cultivation of Chinese painting.

Huanglong Hotel, Hangzhou

Vice President Of The University of South Dakota Chuck and his wife visited the Xiangshan Campus of The China Academy of Art at the invitation of Hanyang Art Center...

Xiangshan Campus, China Academy of Fine Arts

In the sixth art Salon, we invited Professor Lin Chao, School of Media and Animation, China Academy of Art, to lecture the staff of Huanglong Hotel on the meaning of Art and Life...

Huanglong Hotel crystal Palace

The art gallery of "West Lake, Landscape and Culture" in Huanglong Hotel, Hangzhou is to match with the first exhibition: "The Land of Nowhere" -- Landscape Painting exhibition of West Lake in Linhai Zhong; "Sitting and Forgetting" -- Pottery exhibition of Liu Zheng, Xu Qun and Dai Yu, held an art salon entitled "Changshen", which opened the prologue of the Art Gallery project of "West Lake, Landscape and Culture".

Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel "West Lake, landscape, culture" art gallery

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