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On December 26, 2015, "Zhong Weiwen Silver Pot Exhibition" will be held in "West Lake, Landscape, Culture -- Art Corridor" in Huanglong Hotel, Hangzhou.

Vivian Chung is a representative designer in the field of creative design in Taiwan. Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan province, in 1966, More than a decade ago, Zhong began to create with silver because he could not find the ornaments he liked. In order to make his accumulated works known to the stage, he founded "Playing Silver Workshop" in 2000. "Play silver workshop" adhere to no electroplating, instead of hand-polished silver ornaments, fully display seihan technology skills, more environmental efforts.

In recent years, in addition to silver ornaments, Zhong chose silver POTS as a new challenge. Each pot is made by hand and takes an average of two to six months to complete after an average of 3.88 million strokes. The complicated working procedure makes each silver pot unique. After being thoroughly tempered, the silver pot can not only achieve "no drop no leak, smooth water flow, stop water falling", but also carry the unique lines of water flow in different shapes, as well as his creative mood in different stages, just like writing diary in the silver pot makes people carry.

During this exhibition, there will be three occasions for Zhong Weiwen to discuss silver POTS with friends who like drinking tea together. Moreover, we welcome everyone to bring their own silver POTS for exchange.

Bring your silver pot lei party, date: December 22, 24, 25, 2015 at 3:00 PM, location: Huanglong Art Gallery

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