BingShen auspicious

Artist 丨 lI Tong / Lin Haizhong

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On January 10, 2016, at 3:00 PM, "Bingshen Auspicious -- Li Tong, Lin Haizong's Spring Exhibition" will open on the art gallery of West Lake, Landscape and Culture in Huanglong Hotel, Hangzhou. This is the 45th exhibition held by Hanyang Art Center on the art gallery.

Bing-shen is coming, and Bing-Shen is not yet old. Hanyang Art Center specially invited Li Tong and Lin Haizong to make an exhibition with the theme of "Bing-Shen Auspicious". The two artists were delighted to be invited to draw friends together to celebrate the Spring Festival. Mr. Li Tong brought 15 pieces of New Year's eve sketches, such as "On the Lotus Platform" and "The First Month", "Folding branches", "Listening to the Rain" and "The Full Moon". Accompanied by the fragrance of wintersweet, he used elegant and light brushwork to represent the tranquility and peace of the scenery on the lakes of the four seasons in Hangzhou, presenting the voice and image in his heart on the paper. Hai Zhong teacher is shen Monkey xinnian close-up ape roar mountain forest, Wukong seeks to change, Zhong Kui exorcism and other stories, a total of happy New Year and peace. From the original intensity and spatial dimension of the image ink form, you can feel the artist's natural and unrestrained and the unique artistic conception of the deep and ancient works.

More than 40 works by the two artists will be on display until March 5, 2016. Welcome to see out the old and welcome the new.

The exhibition works

lI Tong

Lin Haizhong


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