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At 3:00 PM on April 10, 2016, "You You Lake Mountain -- Yu Guangming's Photographic Works Exhibition" will be opened in "West Lake, Landscape, Culture -- Art Gallery" in Huanglong Hotel, Hangzhou, which is the 46th exhibition held by Hanyang Art Center in the gallery.

The photographer recorded the photos in the manner of a rambler. Looking at the flowers in the fog and the villas in the mountains are the old stories of the celebrities. The buildings are empty and green, but the beauty of nature hides the eternal time. From West Lake to Moganshan, it is a collection of photographers' experience of the two places. It doesn't need too many words to explain. It is just a frozen moment, belonging to the photographer's here and now.

This exhibition will exhibit more than 40 pieces of photography works by Mr. Yu Guangming, the photographer, with the theme of leisurely Lake and mountain.


Leisurely Lake mountain -- from west Lake to Moganshan

As the name of a film exhibition, from West Lake to Moganshan, people first think of the spatial relationship, because to a certain extent, photography, painting and architecture are a kind of spatial art, which is related to color, light and shadow and the indescribable charm. Such a spatial relationship reminds people of time. It is not just a snap that makes the moment freeze into eternity, but that the two place names of West Lake and Moganshan are not only related in space, but also a kind of creation and precipitation of time.

Said that hangzhou is a city of the four seasons all appropriate, west lake has a light you more strong color, such as the beauty of the west, the west lake in the tang dynasty bai juyi of the song dynasty su dongpo's already famous, while is noted for its summer resort moganshan in modern, dignitaries, great merchant is placed on the mountain villa, as beishan street and south road, near the west lake also has this kind of industry. It is said that the national history of a ministry, half in Zhejiang, and Zhejiang dignitaries and women, and all with the West Lake and Moganshan have a myriad of ties. For yu Guangming, a photographer, it is a new topic to express such relationships through photography, which has become common sense today.

Fortunately, in his previous works, guangming has published several works under the title panorama of The West Lake, which have been widely praised, and "From The West Lake to Moganshan" published earlier with the same title is the result of this node. Compared to the previous pure west lake, the difficulty of this time is bigger, because the moganshan yamagata to win is not to to the mountain, and those villas, if smoking to the context and the host's story, it was just an ordinary villa, so like the taps as the soft of lake mountain and like the west lake took the four seasons all appropriate take full of vicissitudes of the republic of China and the gas of the natural mountain, it is not easy. Because the house to live people gas, the owner to have a story this mountain will have legend, but photography is not a story nor text, photography is the art of love at first sight, it needs to grasp the eye of the people, and then slowly to the heart into the infiltration.

So first of all, I would like to congratulate Guang Ming. As his writing partner, I feel very happy for his achievement. At the same time I also feel that Guangming in recent years seems to have moved from "big" to "sketch", no matter the form, no rules, there is always a Zen machine, everywhere interesting, spontaneous and do, all become good works. Finally, I hope Guangming can break through itself and find its own West Lake and Moganshan on the node of time and space.

In the season of spring and Jingming, and through the treasure land of Huanglong Hotel, "From West Lake to Moganshan" has a new interpretation. The reduction of time means the expansion of space. Especially after Hangzhou and Deqing began to contact with each other, a new aesthetic has spread among the lakes and mountains. Is she on vacation? Is she a slow life? Is she going back to her roots? Is it a complete fusion of history and humanity and ecology?

I believe those who have seen the exhibition will have an answer in mind.

Is for small order.

Sun Changjian, vice chairman of Hangzhou Writers Association

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