Art Front Gallery aims to accompany the zeitgeist of Art works and the presentiment of facing the future, view Art from a broad global perspective, and pursue a deep way to develop Art in places with social features. Art Front Gallery believes that only through the clues given by Art can we understand human intentions.

Christie's, founded in London in 1766 by James Christie, is the world's oldest auction house of art. On December 5, 1766, James Christie's held its first auction in London; Since then, Christie's has been committed to providing customers with excellent service. James Christie's, a steady, articulate man with a great sense of humour, turned the auction into a fine art and conducted a number of very important sales in the 18th and 19th centuries.

China Guardian International Auction Co., LTD., founded in May 1993, is the first comprehensive auction company in China mainly engaged in the operation of Chinese cultural relics and works of art. It regularly holds spring, autumn large-scale auctions and four "Guardian Four Seasons" auctions every year. Headquartered in Beijing, the company has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and North America. In October 2012, China Guardian (Hong Kong) International Auction Co., Ltd. held its first auction in Hong Kong, marking a crucial step in the history of Chinese art auction.

China guardian

Founded in 2007,Hanyang Art Gallery is located by the side of the beautiful West Lake in HangZhou, and the gallery space is currently located in The Dragons Hotel. In the 14 years since it was established, Hanyang Art Gallery has been sticking to the promo-tion and excavation of both local and international excellent artists and art resources, and has organized and held more than 100high-quality art exhibitions and activities. Based on the tradition while actively expanding the international vision, the gallery actively carries out cooperation and interaction with high-end institutions and brands, aiming to explore and carry forward the "Oriental aesthetic spirit” under the context of globalization.

At present, the cooperative artists include Sugiura Yasuyoshi(Japan), Jorg Plickat(Germany), Ken Done(Australia), Shen Qin, Liang Quan, Tang Guo, Chen Haiyan,Tan Xun, Zhang Keduan, Shen Leiyi, Lin Haizhong, Chang Qing,Shao Wenhuan, Wu Shan, Zhou Lei, Liu Zheng,Xu Qun, DaiYuxiang,Zhao Yuepeng, Li Tong ,Zhuag shengtao(Singapore) and so on.

In 2019, participated in the organization and planning of the 3rd International Public Art Invitational Exhibition of Hangzhou Bay New Area, Ningbo, with co-artists such as Liang Shaoji, GuWenda, Sui Jianguo, Gerry Judah, Hoshina Toyomi, Xu Jiang, TimGruchy, Zhang Keduan, Guan Huaibin, Guo Gong, Shi Jinsong,Zhou Li, Angus Taylor, Yu Chenxing, Wang Xin, Tim Berreshiem,Florentijn Hofman, Shi Wanwan (team).

China Academy of Art

China Academy of fine arts (China Academy of Art) is China's first comprehensive national institutions of higher Art, by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, the People's Republic of China ministry of culture and the people's government of zhejiang province to build, is the earliest implementation of design institute of higher learning, the birthplace of China's earliest Art revolution group, one of the earliest of postgraduate education of institutions of higher learning in China, China's only a fine arts is located the national key disciplines, the first national "double top" world class discipline construction in colleges and universities, the first batch of key construction of colleges and universities in zhejiang province, Included in the national construction high-level university professional graduate program, the national "special project" key disciplines construction in colleges and universities, the Chinese government scholarship students receiving institutions in China, the national first batch of deepening the reform of creative education model in colleges and universities, the first batch of national animation teaching and research base, the first coming to China to study in the Ministry of Education demonstration base, the national social art level distinction.

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