Lake · On private exhibition
Art Director: Li Xiaoshan
Curator: Feng Limin


Tang Guo/Shen Qin/Shen Lieyi/Shao Wenhuan

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On August 12, 2016, Hanyang Art Center will launch the "Lake and Four people Exhibition" in the south Hall exhibition hall of Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel. The exhibition is organized by Li Xiaoshan, curator of Nanjing Art Museum, and Ms. Feng Limin, founder of Hanyang Art Center, as curator. The exhibition invited four artists, Namely Tang Guo, Shen Qin, Shen Liyi and Shao Wenhuan, and their works included sculpture, installation, comprehensive media, painting and other artistic categories.

The jiangnan region, Hangzhou nurtures the Waters of Xizi Lake, Qiantang and Fuchun. Boating on the lake, climb to see sheng, send danqing, Chang Xu Huai, since ancient times for the literati good, known as the collection of elegant. The exhibition is entitled "On the Lake", with the theme of "beautiful scenery", "ancient charm" and "modern meaning". During the G20 summit, the exhibition takes art as an opportunity to meet people from all over the world.


Lake · On private exhibition

These days, there are so many exhibitions and so many that good artists are reluctant to show their faces. This is right, cherish their own feathers, pay attention to their own reputation, is a good artist should have the label. For my part, I demand of myself that I subtract not add -- that time and energy are limited, and that I should not do too much. From the planning to the organization of this exhibition, the organizers have been in contact with me, how to determine the theme, how to choose the artist, are more realistic and accurate. To tell you the truth, I am most afraid of participating in those grand activities, the mud and sand, fish and pearls, the final results are mostly irrelevant.

The four artists who participated in this exhibition all belong to the school of power, long-term accumulation, independent thinking, do not follow the custom, do not follow the trend, forming their own distinct and deep schema and style. It stands out particularly in the context of today's false, empty, and pretentious world. Draw the man, you know that sentence. I have to say: don't be a master, be a contemporary. Art, though not as progressive as science and technology, is an evolutionary logic -- but at least some kind of art is closely related to her time. I don't like "the ancients of today," because the gulf between them is clear. Be a contemporary first, then engage in artistic creation. In a word, a hundred years ago, China's traditional resources were unique and insurmountable. Nowadays, no matter Chinese artists, European artists or artists from other countries, the cultural resources of each country can be Shared and blended -- thus, it becomes a new common tradition. Goethe's vision of "world literature" conceived in the 19th century has become a reality today. The so-called globalization, internationalization, is the reality of such a statement.

Of course, the achievement and height of the artist may not have much to do with his knowledge and his environment. I know one thing: the artist's efforts, knowledge and opportunities are all zero, and they are all imaginary Numbers. Only by adding the one, the real number of talent and talent, can all zeros be connected together, so that the artist can succeed and finally reach the top. Therefore, I have always respected and cherished artists with extraordinary talents. The works of the four artists in this exhibition are presented to us. Although they have different interests and goals, they are all demanding for artistic quality and never let up. I believe that good artists are never the same as bad ones. They love their work. This love is actually a love for themselves. Without this love, who can say that he can create moving works?

Li Xiaoshan

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Tang Guo

Shen Qin

Shen Lieyi

Shao Wenhuan

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