Mirror Image: 2020 Zhou Lei & Han Ying Duo Exhibition
Mirror Image: 2020
Academic Host: Biography of Lin Shu
Curator: Feng Limin


Zhou Lei

Born in November 1976, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

2000 Graduated from the Department of Comprehensive Painting of China Academy of Art

2000 Graduated from Université Charles-de-Gaulle - Lille 3, France

Now she lives in Europe.

Han Ying

Born in March 1962 in Nanchang, Jiangxi province

1985 Graduated from the Sculpture Department of China Academy of Art

1994 Graduated from the Master class of the Department of Sculpture at Akademie der bildenden

Künste Wien, Austria under Michelangelo. Professor Pistorito

Now he teaches in the Ceramic art Department of the College of Manual Art, China Academy of Art

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"Enantio :2020 -- Zhou Lei/Han Ying Double Solo Exhibition" will open at Hanyang Art Center on Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 3:00 PM.

"Enantiogram" comes from Han And Ying's self-report "Photography to Me". She writes, "Remove the advantage of easy expression, and find another infinite possibility, which is the enantiogram of emotion. The theme of the exhibition is the combination of "Enantio" and 2020. On the one hand, this is the double solo exhibition of Zhou Lei and Han Ying. Both in creation and in life, they inevitably reflect a tacit understanding of enantio relationship. On the other hand, from their works, we can clearly identify the rich and the era we are in a close enantiominal relationship.

A total of 23 works were exhibited in this exhibition, most of which were created by Zhou Lei, Han ying and his wife during their stay abroad due to the COVID-19 epidemic. They were drawn from everyday things that could be seen everywhere and expressed by the electronic products iPad and iPhone that they carried with them in daily life. This is the 65th exhibition held by Hanyang Art Center in the Art Gallery of Huanglong Hotel, which will last until November 8th, 2020.


Mirror Image: 2020

"Mirror Image" comes from Han Ying's "The Complex Between Photography and Me". In herstatement, she mentioned, "Get rid of the advantages for easy expressing and look for anotherinfinite potential, which is the mirror image reflection of feelings." Regarding the reasons forcombining "Mirror Image" with 2020 as the exhibition theme, on the one hand, I think this is anexhibition of works by both Zhou Lei and Han Ying who are a couple. Whether in creation orin life, inevitably, they are mirror images to each other; on the other hand, from their works, wecan also clearly distinguish that there is a mirror image of the times we are living in.

I admit that at the moment I wrote down this title, I was quickly involved in a strong atmosphere,which was like a snake, and became tighter and tighter. The sudden outbreak of thecoronavirus epidemic caused the entire world to stop, fall, and be confused amid violent turbulence,while also triggered various natural disasters, man-made calamities, combats, andattacks. This kind of atmosphere is both grand and specific. It is grand enough to fill the entireblue planet, regardless of race and countries. It is also specific, specific enough to reacheveryone and their daily life. Rather than saying that this is the artistic creation of a couple ofartists, it is better to say that this exhibition displays the daily life and habits of this couple.

Like all the else, Zhou Lei and Han Ying had to stay at home during the epidemic. As artists,instinctively, one of them took an iPad and the other picked up an iPhone, these two commontools in daily life. Zhou Lei used a few strokes to draw the willow strips and paddling ducksplaying in the spring river. Han Ying recorded the scenery of the empty and thick window withtwo green plants shining in glimmers. The graffiti of the woman waiting for the train at subwayplatform is Zhou Lei's work, and the picture of a young man with a gloomy face and a child withhollow eyes on the subway is Han Ying's work. In their works, it is almost effortless to discoverthis kind of mirror images and correlation. Even if ignoring the materials and expressions ofthe works, the deep mirror image reflection of the couple's inner world and the outer world isalso so obvious.

Zhou Lei said, "No matter what form and medium I choose for creating, it is the embodimentof my pursuit of free will." Han Ying indicated, "Feelings are what I value, and emotionalexpressions are also what I have been pursuing. I always try to capture some warm momentsin daily life, the moment of a bit dramatic but also so real." Their expressions and creations

reflect such a high degree of consistency. For example, Zhou Lei chose to draw two horses,two women in traditional costumes, riders, anglers, and any graffiti as he enjoyed. For example,Han Ying took photos of a pair of fruits in a green bowl on a plain table, a lazy-eyed teenageron a sofa, and a huge giant building... After breaking the bondage of just creating art forart creating, they got more and greater freedom. The details of daily life can be seen everywherein the works of the couple, and it seems that they have put aside the special year of2020, and indulged in a small world stripped by themselves.

Nanjing University Press once published a copy of "Notes sui le Cinematographe" by Frenchdirector Robert Bresson. I was quite impressed by one sentence in the book, "Don't follow thepoem so tightly, the poem will seep into the seams by itself." When I looked at these workscreated by the couple of Zhou Lei and Hanying during the epidemic outbreak, I couldn't helpthink of Robert Bresson's advice. I believe that the couple of Zhou Lei and Han Ying will alsoagree with this perspective. It seems that their works have abandoned a ritualized art style,and have already penetrated this artistic emotion into the daily seams.

Lin Shuchuan

August 23, 2020

The exhibition works

Zhou Lei


Han Ying

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"Antireflection" by Zhou Lei & Han Ying: Permeating the emotion of art into the daily seam

Focusing on |, "enantio :2020- zhou lei/double solo exhibition of Korean and English" will be held at hanyang art center from 15:00 today

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