The hollow silence

Artist 丨 Liu Zheng / ai Yuxiang / Xu Qun

News Release  

At 3:00 PM on September 7, 2012, the 22nd exhibition "Empty Valley and Foot Sounds -- Contemporary Ceramic Works exhibition of Liu Zheng, Dai Yuxiang and Xu Qun" held by Hanyang Art Center at the "West Lake, Landscape and Culture" Art Gallery of Hangzhou Huanglong Hotel was opened. The exhibition brings together the jeng, Dai Yu enjoy, Xu Qun three academic potter, a total of 17 pieces of pottery, whether in shape, glaze color, taste, style, each has its distinct personality, all through the novel creation concept will give full play to the characteristics of the ceramic abandoned the vessel in traditional consciousness emphasize practical proposition, and become the new works. Its traditional context is clear to follow, and its modern interpretation is distinct. The exhibition will run until 9 November 2012.

The exhibition works 

Liu Zheng

Dai Yuxiang

Xu Qun

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