The West Lake -- An exhibition of Yu Guangming's photographs

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Yu Guangming, originally from Tai 'an, Shandong province, was born in Hangzhou in 1959. He is good at landscape, architecture and macro photography. He is now a freelance photographer, mainly engaged in commercial advertising photography, thematic landscape album shooting and production. He has published photographic works and dissertations in China National Geographic, Chinese Heritage, China Photo News, Traveler, Camera and other publications. During the period of west lake's world heritage application in hangzhou, as a representative of west lake scenery photography in hangzhou, I accepted the tracking interview of "three lakes history >" of CCTV four sets of "around China". Has written: "hangzhou west lake, hangzhou, China," the new west lake ", the new west lake Ⅰ panorama, "panoramic Ⅱ west lake", "wen ling so much jiao", "the last leaf su language" photography, etc.

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Yu Guangming
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Huanglong Hotel hangzhou "West Lake · Landscape · Culture -- Art Gallery" small exhibition hall

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