He was born in 1959 in Tangshan, Hebei Province
He graduated from the Department of Printmaking, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 1990
He is currently a member and professor of the academic Committee of China Academy of Art, the director of the Mural Department of the Public Art School of China Academy of Art, a postgraduate tutor, a member of the Mural Art Committee of The Chinese Artists Association, and a director of the Chinese Print Painters Association
Zhang Minjie
About the Artist
Earth Voice - Zhang Minjie works Exhibition, Hanyang Art Center, Hangzhou, China

"Sunshine xinjiang" National Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

International Exhibition of Mexican Prints, Mexico City

11th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Group exhibitions:
Boston International Printmaking Invitational Exhibition, Boston, USA

The 3rd China Beijing International Art Biennale (Oil Painting), Beijing, China

The 2nd Taihejiang International Plastic Arts Invitational Exhibition, Pusan, Korea

Invitational Exhibition of Asian Modern prints, Hokkaido, Japan

Taihejiang International Plastic Arts Invitational Exhibition, Pusan, Korea

Zhejiang Masters -- Engraving Invitational Exhibition, Beijing, China

Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary prints, London, UK

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