Pan Men sin was born in hangzhou in 1976, graduated from China academy of fine arts in 1999 Chinese painting got bachelor degree, in 2004 graduated from China academy of fine arts painting department received a master's degree in the same year for teaching, in 2010 won the China academy of painting a Ph.D., currently he is member of Chinese artists association, China academy of fine arts college of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy art, an associate professor, master tutor.

Pan Wenxun
About the Artist
Nanyin - Pan Wenxun Works Exhibition, Xinyada sanqing Shang Art Center, Hangzhou, China

"Xia Yin -- Pan Wenxun's Works", Guanshanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

Li Yin-Pan Wenxun Exhibition, Saili Art Museum, Hangzhou, China

Blue at the End of The Dynasty, Sinatra. Sanqing Shang Art Center, Hangzhou, China

"Raccoon Yarn -- Pan Wenxun Works exhibition", Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Group exhibitions:
"The West Lake in June -- A group Exhibition of Young Female Artists' Traditional Chinese painting works" Hanyang Art Center, Hangzhou, China

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